Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht 2016

More than 50 musical instrument makers, music publishers and CD producers will be on hand with advice and/or demonstrations of their instruments. The perfect chance for professionals and amateurs to try out and compare historical stringed, plucked, keyboard and wind instruments for themselves.

Festival 2015


Utrecht Early Music Festival 2015: Opening Concert
The golden age of the viol
Fr 28 Aug 20.00 hrs, Grote Zaal TivoliVredenburg

The viola da gamba came into being in Italy around 1500, and, once it had crossed the Channel, became a huge hit in England. During Elizabeth I’s reign the viol was the instrument of choice for professional court musicians, but from the early 17th century onwards the instrument became increasingly popular among enlightened amateurs. The golden age of consort music – preferably with a complete set of viols being played simultaneously – had dawned, with composers like Holborne, Dowland, Gibbons and Ferrabosco. To claim that Jordi Savall has almost single-handedly been responsible for a broader acceptance and popularity of the consort repertoire is scarcely an exaggeration. For this opening concert he has selected dances and instrumental polyphony from the time of Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I.

Hespèrion XXI was established in 1974 by Jordi Savall, his wife Montserrat Figueras, flautist Lorenzo Alpert and lutenist Hopkinson Smith. The ensemble focuses on Spanish music of the 16th and 17th centuries,  and has earned a worldwide reputation for itself as one of the most significant ensembles of the Early Music Movement.

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